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Family-Based Permanent Residence

Citizens and legal permanent residents are eligible to file petitions for close family members designated under the law. U.S. citizens can petition for their immediate relatives (spouses, unmarried children, parents and fiancés) to obtain permanent resident visas quickly, without having to wait for quotas. In addition, citizens can petition for their adult sons and daughters as well as married children and brothers and sisters, regardless of their marital status. Permanent residents can petition for spouses and unmarried sons and daughters, regardless of age. While beneficiaries other than Immediate Relatives of U.S. citizens may have long waits before their quotas become current, we have always counseled our clients to file petitions for their relatives as soon as they are eligible. As a result, we have helped countless families to reunite.

We take great pride in having represented many family members who received their permanent residence many years ago, became U.S. citizens and, in turn have been able petition and bring their parents, brothers and sisters and their families to the U.S.

Let Breznick and Cavallo assist in the immigration process of those closest to you. 

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