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Employment-Based Permanent Residence

Obtaining a green card by adjusting status from nonimmigrant worker to immigrant worker allows the individual and family to remain in the United States indefinitely. Permanent residency can be obtained in a number of ways; these include; showing prominence in your field, intra-company transfers of executives or managers, and investor visas. However, one of the most challenging ways is through the PERM labor certification process. This involves an employer making a permanent job offer and showing it has gone through the necessary recruitment to verify there are no qualified American workers willing and able to perform the duties of the offered job. The process can be lengthy and requires extensive legal counsel, but once complete, will enable workers and their spouses and children to acquire permanent resident status.

Traditionally, immigrant work visas are more easily obtained by workers who entered on an H-1B visa or other temporary work visa and maintain their status, but by way of provisions such as 245(i) even those who fell out of status or entered the country illegally have been able to adjust their status as well. 

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